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Compositions Catalogue


Op. 0 Student compositions

Op. 1 Violin Concerto "BASiLa" (in progress)

Op. 2 Meditation at Dusk (Orchestra) 

Op. 3 The Genesis of Love (Choir and Orchestra)

Op. 4 Winter, Heartache and Transfiguration (Violin solo and Orchestra)

Op. 5 Gateway to Paradise (Dizi, Pipa and String Quartet)

Op. 6 Ballade (Flute and Piano)

Op. 7 Clarinet Concerto

In Progress, unnumbered: 


Eastern Songs 

A Life in a Day (Song Cycle) 


This is a list of completed and 'in progress' compositions. The Opus numbers are based on when

the piece was conceived and mostly composed. Some pieces were finished years after they were begun.

This is mostly the case with pieces that I began while still a student, and perhaps lacked the technical

ability or the discipline to bring to full fruition. However, I have come back later with more experience

to finish them off in the spirit in which I originally conceived them. For instance, the earliest piece I have chosen

to include in the list, the Opus 1, was started in 2010. It marked a turning point in the quality of my writing for

orchestra (which coincided with my exposure to Mahler!).

Click on a piece to find out more about it, listen to it, and see score excerpts (if available).