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Become a sponsor of new music

I strongly believe in making my music freely available to anyone - whether it be in the form of a recording, or a specially requested digital score. 

That's because I believe people want to be able to engage with new music more readily and easily - but paywalls or copyright laws often prevent this engagement. 

If you would like to sponsor my creative practice, you may use the button below to donate an amount of your choosing. Your donations will enable me to spend more time creating and making music to share with the world. 

If you would like to sponsor a specific project or make a commission, please visit my contact page.


The Gustav Vigeland Museum in Oslo, where my new Octet 'San' was premiered on 23/02/2020. 

This premiere was enabled by the following sponsors:

Ole Bohn, Thomas Woods, William Evatt, Anonymous (3)

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