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Sponsor Pavle Cajic's composition premieres in Norway

Norwegian violinist Prof. Ole Bohn has invited me to perform our hour-and-a-half long recital 'New Wisdom' in his home city of Oslo, Norway, next February. This recital includes a new work of mine for violin and piano titled 'Extinction Rebellion'. In addition, I have been commissioned to write a piece for Octet which will be premiered at another concert in the beautiful Vigeland Museum, with an Octet comprised of the foremost string and wind musicians in Norway, including Prof. Bohn. This is the first time my music will be performed internationally and will be an important step in my career as a composer. Your donations will be used to help fund the expenses associated with travelling to and within Norway. By becoming a sponsor, you will be supporting the international recognition of Australian musicianship.

All sponsors will be acknowledged in the concert programs for the performances. 

Sponsors who donate $500 or more will be verbally acknowledged and sent complimentary scores and recordings of the new composition 'Octet'.

Sponsors who donate $1000 or more will in addition be permanently acknowledged in the dedication to the score of 'Octet'.

The Gustav Vigeland Museum in Oslo, where my new Octet will be premiered.